Mommy - Elsa


Elsa had 4 girls and 3 boys born November 28, 2020

The puppies will be ready for their forever homes January 16, 2021! Our puppies are extensively socialized and loved.

Puppies are $4000 with sales tax they are $4240. A $450 deposit will reserve a puppy for you. First deposit gets first pick and first visit, second gets second, etc.

 We welcome you to come visit us and pick your puppy in person. We love meeting our puppy families, and hosting your puppy visit in our home. You will be also be able to meet mom and dad on your visit  

Unfortunately families are NOT able to come visit puppies prior to 7 weeks of age. We wish we could host families earlier but prior to this, the puppies have not had their vaccinations to protect them from outside diseases. Please do not ask us to place our puppies at risk for getting sick or even death.

Please join our private litter page to get posts and updates on Elsa's puppies.

Facebook page - Storybrooke's Elsa's puppies

Daddy - Simba

Reservation List: 


1. Chadwick Family  

2. Fenwick Family

3. Reserved


1. Pavey Family

2. Gore Family 

3. Robertson Family 

4. Raiola Family  


We must charge 6% sales tax Thank You for understanding. 


Nap Time