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We start puppy training our babies from birth. They are taught manners, respect for humans and children and other pets, and socialized. it is our goal to provide well mannered, well socialized puppies that will fit our families perfectly. We begin with early neurological stimulation and work daily with our babies. Our puppies are given weekly baths, nail trims, and blow-dries. This helps them be used to loud noises, forced air, and being handled, so they can easily be taken to a groomer or groomed at home. We do community visits with all our puppies visits to Bass Pro Shops, Home Depot, Pet's Way, and our small christian school are some of our favorites. Here our babies can be handled my strangers and are able to possibly brighten a persons day, who can resist puppy cuddles? Our puppies are part of our family and half daily by us and our children. We have play time in our puppy play room and our living room daily. At 3 weeks we start on potty grass training and our smart babies easily teach themselves to potty on this. At 6 weeks we start trips outside to go potty. So by the time your puppy arrives to you they have a huge start on housebreaking. consistency is the key to successful fast housebreaking.

Our adults have each attended obedience classes to learn manners and basic obedience. From there several of our have excelled and moved on to test for CGC (Canine Good Citizen) titles. We also currently have 3 pet therapy certified dogs. Axel enjoys visiting a nursing home and doing his job to connect and cheer up the residents. Katie visits a crisis nursery and loves to teach the children about empathy, caring for others, and manners. Bella just started and likes to help children work on their reading skills by allowing them to read to her. She is so patient and never hurries or embarrasses the children if they make a mistake. Cinderella has competed in lure coursing and easily fell in love with this event and has an AKC title in this. Bella and Katie both enjoy rally events and have titled in them. Axel has started nose work and we are excited to learn a new sport. Elsa is attending puppy agility classes and loves her jumps and the tunnel. We are proud that all of our adults have earned their International and National Champion titles. Six of our adults have earned there UKC Champion title.  As you can see our dog keep us very busy, but this is how we like it. We strongly believe in the motto:
                                                                "A trained dog is a happy dog"


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