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We must charge 6% sales tax Thank you for understanding.  


Merida - Mommy


Declan- Daddy

Merida and Declan's puppies have arrived!

The puppies were born April 25, 2020 and are ready for their forever homes June 13, 2020!  Our puppies are extensively socialized and loved. We are looking for families that will fall in love with us. 

Please call, email, or text us with any questions or to schedule a visit to come meet the puppies, parents, and us.

Daddy has his UKC Champion CGC, CA, TKN, and Therapy dog titles. Mommy has her therapy dog title, CGC, TKC titles. Parents have DNA disease testing completed so our puppies are guaranteed not to be effected with PRAD, PRA1, PRA2, MD, and NCL. We love meeting our puppy families, and hosting your puppy visit in our home. You will be also be able to meet mom and dad on your visits. Puppies will go to their new homes microchipped, with a blanket that smells like home, health and vaccination record, AKC registration, handouts, and much more. Puppies are well loved and raised here in our living room as members of our family. Taking reservations now. Ready for their forever homes June 13, 2020.

We have 4 Boys and 3 Girls

Adoption Fee is $3000 We must add sales tax for a total of $3180.

Families are NOT able to come visit puppies prior to 7 weeks of age. We wish we could host families earlier but prior to this, the puppies have not had their vaccinations to protect them from outside diseases. Please do not ask us to place our puppies at risk for getting sick or even death.

Reservation List


1. Harding Family

2. Austin Family

3.Miller Family

4. Stall Family


1.Belock Family

2.Trumble Family 

3. Sheridan Family

1 Week Old

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

Puppy Storytime 

5 Weeks Old

5 weeks old update - We are curious and exploring new things we have began introducing new noises, loud noises, new smells, and new textures to their pen. We had another bath, blow dry, and nail trim. We are interacting more with each other and playing with the  humans. We also love our food. We are eating puppy food 4 times a day and mom is starting to wean us.

4 week old update - We had a bath, blow dry, and nail trim today. We enjoyed playing in the water. We are also starting to eat our puppy food very well. We have great appetites. We are starting to check out toys and tasting everything. 

3 week update - We are exploring more and motoring about. We are learning how to use our legs to get where we want to go. We still love to cuddle as a group to sleep. 

2 week update - We are starting to move around. Our eyes are now open. 

1 week update - Watch us grow. Our noses, tummies, feet, and faces have went from pink to gray. We are starting to move around a little better. Eyes and ears are still closed. Mommy is taking excellent care of us. 

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