Nala and Simba's puppies have arrived!

All of Nala's Puppies have Been Reserved 

Our next litter is due April 13 reservation list is open 

The puppies were born March 21, 2020 and are ready for their forever homes May 9, 2020!  Our puppies are extensively socialized and loved. We are looking for families that will fall in love with us. 

Please call, email, or text us with any questions or to schedule a visit to come meet the puppies, parents, and us.

We welcome you to come visit us and pick your puppy in person. We love meeting our puppy families, and hosting your puppy visit in our home. You will be also be able to meet mom and dad on your visits. 

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 Hello World!

Reservation List: 

Girl Colors: Pink,Purple,Red


1. Smith Family

2. Clark Family

3. Schroeder Family

Boy Colors: Black,Orange,Blue,Green,Gray,Yellow


1.Leverson Family

2. Mohr Family

3. Bird Family

4. Seifert Family

5. Brandon

6. Mori Family


Newborns getting their bellies filled

Puppies are 1 day old. Nap time, we love the puppy pile. Puppies pile together to stay warm and feel safe.

Puppies are 2 days old

4 days old. Puppies are eating dinner and taking a nap. Everyone has their colors so it's easier to track them. The wagging tails are adorable.

6 days old

1 week old

10 days old

13 Days Old

18 days old 

Happy Easter! 21 days old and enjoying a yummy breakfast.

8 days old

12 Days old

16 days old

3 weeks old

4 Weeks Old

5 weeks old

5 week update - We are up and running. We are curious about our surrounding, happy to meet people, and starting to play with toys.

2 week update- Look at us grow! Our eyes are now open and we are creeping about. We have also found our voices a little. We enjoy our cuddles every day and have just finished our stage of Early Neurologiocal Stimulation. 

Puppies Available in October 2020!



2019 Titles Earned by our Dogs

Simba Earned 7 AKC Champion points

Elsa Earned her RN 

Jazmine Earned her RN

Nala Earned her RN

Snow White Earned her CGC, TKN

Izzy Earned her CGC, TKN

Kira Earned her CGC

Our Baby Everest received AKC Best of Breed Puppy and Group 2 placement

2018 Titles Earned by our Dogs

28 total

Declan earned his TKN, CA, Achiever Dog

Hunter earned his CGC, UKC CH, INTL CH

in process RN, CGCA

Simba earned his UKC CH,TKN, CA, CCA, Achiever Dog

Bella earned her TKN

Merida earned her RN,CA,CGC,  TKN, CCA, Achiever Dog

Elsa earned her CA, CGC, TKN, Achiever Dog

in process RN

Jazmine earned her CGC,TKN,CA, Achiever Dog

in process JH,RN

Nala earned her CGC, TKN, Achiever Dog

Members of Chesapeake Dock Dogs Club. 


President of Golden Retriever Dog Club of the Ozarks. 

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2016- 2017 Titles Earned by our Dogs

Declan earned his UKC CH, 1 AKC CH point

Axel earned his UKC CH

Bella earned her UKC CH,CGC,CCA, RN

Cinderella earned 5 AKC CH points, CA, TKN

Katie earned her TD, UKC CH, TKN, CGC, CA

Merida earned her UKC CH

Elsa earned her UKC CH

Jazmine earned her UKC CH

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