Daddy - Bear

All pups are reserved.

They are headed to their homes May 5, 2020

Mommy - Topaz

       Bear and Topaz had 7 beautiful babies born 3/17/2020. They are ready for their forever homes on May 5, 2020. This litter is co-owned by us.They are American Goldens and a beautiful Golden color for all our families that have been looking for gold we finally have them. If you want to reserve a puppy please send us your completed puppy application and a $400 deposit to hold your puppy. First deposit will get first pick, Second deposit second pick etc... Due to our puppies being babies we do not allow visitors to our home prior to puppies being 7 weeks of age, since they have not had enough vaccinations prior to 7 weeks. But we would love to schedule your visit on or after May 5. 

Reservation List

Boys reserved for 

1. Sarhan Family

2. Frasch Family

3. Harrison Family

4. Robert Dean family


1. Chezem Family

2. Synoracki Family

3. Annable Family

Reservations being accepted for Puppies Available Summer 2021!



2020 Titles Earned

Covid has had us home a lot enjoying the boat and family time. There have been very few competitions but we have worked hard to be ready for when things open back up.

Pippa Earned her first Jr Hunt leg

Pippa also earned her Novice scent work titles in containers, exterior,interior, and buried

Izzy Earned her 1st Rally Leg

Everest Earned her 1st Rally Leg


2019 Titles Earned by our Dogs

Simba Earned 7 AKC Champion points

Elsa Earned her RN 

Jazmine Earned her RN

Nala Earned her RN

Snow White Earned her CGC, TKN

Izzy Earned her CGC, TKN

Kira Earned her CGC

Our Baby Everest received AKC Best of Breed Puppy and Group 2 placement

2018 Titles Earned by our Dogs

28 total

Declan earned his TKN, CA, Achiever Dog

Hunter earned his CGC, UKC CH, INTL CH

in process RN, CGCA

Simba earned his UKC CH,TKN, CA, CCA, Achiever Dog

Bella earned her TKN

Merida earned her RN,CA,CGC,  TKN, CCA, Achiever Dog

Elsa earned her CA, CGC, TKN, Achiever Dog

in process RN

Jazmine earned her CGC,TKN,CA, Achiever Dog

in process JH,RN

Nala earned her CGC, TKN, Achiever Dog

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2016- 2017 Titles Earned by our Dogs

Declan earned his UKC CH, 1 AKC CH point

Axel earned his UKC CH

Bella earned her UKC CH,CGC,CCA, RN

Cinderella earned 5 AKC CH points, CA, TKN

Katie earned her TD, UKC CH, TKN, CGC, CA

Merida earned her UKC CH

Elsa earned her UKC CH

Jazmine earned her UKC CH

We as the breeder reserve the right to first pick male or female at any time.