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                           Reservation list
          Males                                 Females
1. Chappel Family             1. Staying with Us
2. Backus Family               2. Zentz Family       
3. Stavola Family               3. Carrington Family
4. Coe Family                     4 . Barlow Family
5. Snyder Family

Pippa and Simba puppies arrived on September 28th, 2023 and they will be ready for their forever homes November 18th, 2023

Pippa is a sweet girl that loves everyone. She has earned her Junior hunt title her GRCA working certificate, earned her Rally Novice title, 1 leg towards her CD obedience title, and 2 legs towards her Beginner Novice Obedience title, earned 2 legs towards her FASTCAT title her CGC and Novice trick dog titles novice scent work title. She likes to go on walks and play with our kids. Pups are $3,500.


11/10/23 update
Puppies went to the vet for their check ups before they go home next weekend. Everyone is healthy and ready to go! looking forward to meeting our new families. All puppies are reserved, but we are still taking deposits on our future litters.

Socialization day!
Puppies had some special visitors. They got to run around the house for a few 
hours and play outside. All puppies are reserved, but we are still taking deposit for future litters.

4 Week update!
Puppies are growing fast and strong. This week we have introduced a mix of goats milk and ground up puppy food to start the weening process. As you can see, they love it. Only 1 female remaining. Hurry fast before it's too late. 

2 1/2 Week update
Puppies are moving around and getting bigger and cuter by the day. Only 3 puppies left. Who's your favorite?

11/4/2023 update
Puppies have marked with crayon to keep track of growth and tell who is who. They are growing strong and moving around. 

3 Days old and growing!!!